Saturday, February 17, 2024

Catching up with the driver of "Sweet Revenge", Bethany Nelson!

MB300-You are returning back to Louisville after a few years of not having submitted.  What are you most excited about ? 

Bethany- It’s hard to beat being in Freedom Hall on Friday night!  The place will be packed; it’s probably the one place that I still get a little nervous.  So I am super excited to get back under the lights and see what we can do! MB300- 2023 was a special year for Midnight Motorsports with a sweep of the top 3 spots.  What did it mean to win another title but also do so with Jeremy and Jared right in line behind you? Bethany- It was really a pleasant surprise.  We came into the season really with no expectations, just to get these SRE motor combinations dialed in and have fun.  So as the summer went on and we found ourselves in the title hunt, it then actually added a little stress to whole deal, I guess you can call it a good stress!  All of our trucks had bright spots this summer, I just happened to be the most consistent of the three.  It’s a great momentum builder for next year, I think we can still be better yet!

MB300- You have had success in Louisville in the past, what is your favorite memory, and what will it take for you to join the ladies in the Champions Hall of Fame ?Bethany- 2020 was my best performance all around, so would have to be my favorite.  We made two great passes in qualifying and in the finals and got beat by Jessie Petro both nights, so I’ve felt a taste of being so close to that top spot and it just makes you want more.  To be #1, it’s takes a mistake free run and probably a little luck!  Another  memory that really sticks in my head was the year Jared put the Rockstar truck in the sand pile with authority, a sand pile run in a two-wheeler is always sketchy but fires everyone up!MB300- What if any changes did you make in the off season for 2024?  Having just won a title, did you feel like you had changes to make ? Bethany- We made very minimal changes; there’s a lot of years we go to NFMS with new or freshened motors; we were at a place where we didn’t need to do either so it’s a nice feeling. 

Does driving toward the sand pile add additional nerves for you?(We Have seen Jared bury it in the pile before and have to thrash to get ready for a pull-off.). The sand pile doesn’t really bring more nerves; Louisville in general does though!  The excitement that surrounds Louisville is like no other event we attend; it’s just unmatched!  The walk into Freedom Hall, the track introductions, it’s a thrilling experience.  As a driver, everyone dreams of putting it in the sand so if I get a chance it’s game on!MB300- From day one you have made driving the truck look easy. To what do you attribute your comfort in seat, throttle control, and finesse it takes to efficiently hook a two wheel drive truck?Bethany- The more you are in one, the more comfortable you get; same with most things!  When I screw up driving, it’s normally when I overthink it.  When I can relax and just drive, things seem to go well.  It is kind of crazy for me though, when I get the truck fired up and pull into the track, you seem to forget about the big moment and just focus on an A to B run….so the nervousness does seem irrelevant most runs. MB300- What are your favorite places to visit while in Louisville ?Bethany- Through the years our farm show weeks visits were entertaining kids; we have visited the zoo, Louisville Slugger museum, trampoline park…all are good.  But for me, when not hanging with the kiddos we really spend most of our time at the show, in Broadbent and watching pulling.  I’m a huge fan of pulling and enjoy all the sessions, not just when I pull. MB300- Do you have any Louisville superstitions? Bethany- Not really a superstitious person, so nothing crazy! MB300- Not only will you and Jared be competing this week in Louisville, but Grace will be playing in the IHSA Regional. What does this week look like for you and what an amazing return Grace has made from her surgery? Bethany- This week is an exciting week for pulling and Illinois high school girls basketball, as it’s regionals week.  Our girls play tonight, 2/12, and if win will play for a regional championship Thursday.  If that is what happens, I will stay home for the first part of the week and tend to mom duties.  Jared will get the trucks to Louisville, but come home for the game Thursday.  If there’s ever a time to be two places at once we would love it; but there is no doubt if there is a game we will be there.  Our MM team will take care of getting Midnight Revenger down the track; there is a lot of “what-ifs” so we will take it one day at a time and try to take it all in.  Grace has had a great senior season, after a season ending injury last year.  The amount of time and work she put in to get back this year is pretty crazy.  Their team has won over 20 games, and are fun to watch so we will keep cheering them on as long as possible! MB300- I know you have corporate partners and integral parts of your team that help you achieve your goals, let’s thank them here. Bethany- Mahle and Clevite came on board this summer so we are super pumped to represent them on a big platform at the NFMS.  We also need to thank Sassy Racing Engined, SSI Superchargers, CM Pulling Tires, Profab, Full Pull Motorsports…all these fine companies provide key components to our program and keep us running at a high level.  The Midnight Motorsports team will be utilizing all our resources to make sure we have a set-up ready for the Freedom Hall dirt. 

Photo Credit- Pro Pulling League

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Broughton Motorsports “Shock Treatment” Reveal

Mick and Christine Broughton have become a big part of the NTPA Grand National Modified Four Wheel Drive class with their 1969 Dodge D-200.  The VED/Schmidt Hemi powered entry out of Armada, Michigan was a big threat throughout the season of 2023. Had the they not missed the first hook of the season, the rush at the end of the points battle may have even looked differently, with a third truck heading to the final pull vying for the title.  

As the story in the numbers tells us, “Shock Treatment”, a name created by Mick’s parents lost 59 points to eventual winner Mark Mangan, and Runner-up Jake Zaring, at the opening Grand National hook of the season in Farley, Iowa. Mangan and Zaring split the weekends first and second place positions. The math also tells us that at the end of the season, Mick had clawed himself back into the seventh position, twelve points out of the coveted top five in the points for an Enderle Pull-off birth and fifty seven points out of first.  The math is true, it tells us that after the initial hook in Farley, Mick gained on all parties with his first ever Grand National win in Tomah, Wisconsin, and three second place finishes. 

With confidence in a new engine package and a bright hope for 2024 in their setup, Mick and Christine decided to make a change to the vinyl wrap adorning their already fan favorite Dodge. 

As the owners of Race Wrapz, a graphics design and vinyl art business, the Broughton’s wanted to showcase the immense ability their company has by bringing an all new look to the coveted National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky.  “Louisville is the biggest pull we go to besides Bowling Green.  The difference is Louisville is invitation only, so to be here is the biggest honor of our season. Changing the wrap and revealing it here in Louisville is the ultimate honor.  We thought this would be the best location to showcase the talent if our company, Race Wrapz” added Mick. 

The new look features some bright colors and a mad scientist, which is a throw back to Micks first ever four wheel drive truck “Black Magic”.  The scientist features a goatee reminiscent of Micks goatee as well. 

The truck is set to be unveiled in the coming moments as it rolls in to Broadbent Arena to stage for tomorrow nights competition.  Twelve of the best trucks in the country, from eight different states,  have accepted the invitation from NFMS Committee. 

Facebook @ Broughton Motorsports

Facebook @  Race Wrapz

Team Shelton Motorsports Reveals "Cuttin Down" International 1066!


For years the name Shelton has meant so many things in the sport of Truck and Tractor pulling.   And this weekend it will only mean more as the next chapter of an already Best-Selling book will be written.  To further illustrate the family and their massive reach in the sport, I wanted to share some descriptive words that truly capture their impact. 

We will start with Champion; the family pedigree has led to multiple championships across several classes over the years. It hasn’t been easy to win those titles in the competitive divisions they run, while also facing hours upon hours of road miles to get from event to event.  Local pulls to these guys are eight hours away, and that has not been a deterrent to their being able to pull it off and be there to fight for a title. 

Professionalism is another very easy descriptive word to further illustrate the Shelton Family and team.  They are always presented well, attract sponsors to the sport, perform on the highest stage, and when given the opportunity to speak in an interview, they are polished and prepared to not only answer a question but also engage the audience.  

The next word is Intensity, which in truth might actually capture them the best as when you find Grayson, Reese and Camille in their element, they are geared to win. They will show raw emotion on the track in victory or defeat, and for our sport that is often needed.  A fist flying through the air after passing a leader gone, and a bow from the driver’s seat, or a head shake with a tap of the wheel are often indicators of how things went on the track. 

Welcoming, is a twofold description as it not only describes the family and their willingness to greet the fans of the sport and show them an up-close experience but also is fitting of their desire to welcome new challenges that come in form of changing classes and fighting to stay in the front, or even more switching Motorsports.  

While the words above are all true and clearly describe the Team Shelton Motorsports, it may be a word in the final paragraph that ultimately encapsulates who these hard-working men and women are.  

Challenge is defined by Websters as, “a stimulating task or problem.”  

For their most recent challenge, the family from New London, North Carolina, called upon Chaos Fabrication in Washington, Pennsylvania. Champion puller Colin Ross and Chaos Fabrication owner Kevin Campbell were tasked to help the Shelton’s align their goals and vision, by stepping into the Pro Stock class.  In adding not one but two Pro Stocks, the beautiful 1206 International formerly known as the “Red Edge Pro” of Cody Shay, and Tony Wortmann’s “Tapped Out” International 1066, to their stable, the team is stepping into an all-new class, power plant, and fuel. 

The classy look and vision Team Shelton Motorsports had in mind for the newest tractor reveal, certainly fit the style of tractors that have been produced by the amazing team at Chaos Fabrication.  It truly seems like a perfect pairing as Shelton’s attention to detail and meticulous focus on the presentation and performance couldn’t really describe Chaos Fabrication any better.

After getting the tractor, the Shelton’s stripped it down to the bare frame.  Chaos Fabrication went to work on the sheet metal and frame, with the frame rails being cut off at the roll cage and built new. The Shelton’s got the chassis powdered coated and did all the body work, and paint in their shop.  The intricacies of hiding the intercooler and focus on the sleek lines are touches that very few have presented in the class.  (If you are in Louisville, you will want to stop by Broadbent and feast your eyes on this beauty.)

Having become known for tuning Hemi’s for the Pro Modified division, and in the Modified/Mini classes, Reese Shelton has proven he has the knowledge and understanding to take the horsepower they are building and apply it to the track/conditions.  In stepping out of the Hemi’s there is a new science to learn, but as the team has only proven over the years, it will be a quick study and competitive from the hit of the throttle. 
For the fans who might be asking the same questions I did, Reese was quick to share the answers with me.  The first was why Pro Stock, and the second, why International?

Question (1)

“The Pro Stock class is something we have always enjoyed as a family.  We always knew if we had anything other than a vehicle with a Hemi, it would be a Pro.  After years of campaigning two Mods, and three Minis, it was time for a new challenge.  We knew absolutely nothing about a Pro Stock but aligned ourselves with some top-notch guys at Chaos to help us in our journey.  The learning curve is something we will tackle as a family, and hopefully be contenders in the future.”

Question (2)

“We get asked “Why Red?” quite often.  Ironically, we farm and own John Deere equipment, besides one old Super A Farmall of my late grandfathers.  In pulling we typically try to be different than everyone else and there are way more green Pro Stocks, than red, orange, blue, etc.  So, we decided to build some classic sheet metal Internationals, not to mention Chaos at the time only had the DT466 Engines combination available. It worked out all the way around and we couldn’t be happier with our decisions.”

In closing, to the outside eye, Chaos ultimately may be a descriptive word for how things would be if it was any other family but the Shelton’s.  The question is raised of how do you manage four NHRA Pro Modified Drag Cars, two Modified Tractors, three Modified Minis, and now two Pro Stocks?  How do you handle the logistics of multiple haulers heading in opposite directions for competition on the dirt or asphalt.  As the past has shown us, the Shelton’s and their loyal team from the Tarheel state will certainly figure it all out and quickly if history repeats itself. 

Follow and like, the team for updates from the road and the shop! 

Facebook Team Shelton Motorsports 

Instagram TeamSheltonMotorsports

Friday, February 9, 2024

Back to our Roots for now!

So here's the truth.  For nearly twelve years Miles Beyond 300 was a labor of love.  I focused on it weekly, spent hours gathering information for articles in the evening hours after my kids were asleep, with the hope of being able to post fun content for the sport of Truck and Tractor Pulling.  

In an effort to protect my site, I had been paying for site protection from hackers and unfortunately the security levels that I had put in place simply weren't enough.  My website was hacked and infiltrated with a bunch of X-Rated photos. 

I called the site security company, and they charged me about $1500 to restore the site.  Sadly, they couldn't, and I lost all of my archives.  The archives from where Miles Beyond 300's official website launched in 2012, until 2022 were gone.  I still had the initial blogger account, which was created in 2010.  The blogger account is truly where everything got started.  The Women on Wednesday series, the idea for Rusty Gears, and some of my favorite articles were published on the Blogger site.  

So for the relaunch, we are back with the Blogger site and are ready to build Miles Beyond 300 back up to where it was a few years ago.  The hope is to have a different site constructed that will be up to speed with the modern trends of the world, but for now we will utilize this account as a mechanism of sharing the sport and our story.  As today is my mother's birthday 2/9, it is hard to imagine that she was a Women on Wednesday feature more than a decade ago. (Miss her everyday) 

Thanks for your support over the years and here's to many more.  Thanks to the sponsors that are helping power this recharge of the website and get me back on the right path.  

The website will be back soon and at the domain it has always used, www.milesbeyond300.com.  
Also I want to thank Mick and Christine Broughton for putting the logo on their new wrap of the beautiful Dodge, "Shock Treatment". 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Website is Live

Miles Beyond 300 website is now live, please visit it at www.milesbeyond300.com!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Tampico Friday Night

Tampico Friday Premier Crop Insurance Pro Stocks

1)Steve Boyd Lucas Oil Green Streak 311.13
2)Steve Wischmeier Barely Getting Bye 298.39
3)Tim Stone Rollin Stone 294.06
4)Dennis Boerson Greenline Express II 292.20
5)Ross Boerson Greenline Express 290.89
6)Travis Domann Hurricane Allis 289.48 
7)Brad Moss TS Performance Young Buck 287.61 
8)Rodney Schnitker Melt Down 285.32
9)Mickey Shorter Buck Eater II 285.26
10)Mike Linder Linder Brothers  283.99
11)Bryce VanGenderen Geared Green 283.79
12)Kevin Masterson River Rat 282.26
13)Don Masterson Tinker Toy 280.90
14)Randy Barreau Tool Times 2 269.57 
15)Dennis Boerson Extremely Green 269.00 
16)Dennis Schaubert The Hunted 252.95 
17)Stuart Maize Billet Binder 197.15 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Women on Wednesday Donna Krieger

This week's Women on Wednesday feature highlights a lady that I know quite well, my mother Donna Krieger.  In my personal opinion, my mom epitomizes the idea of a supportive wife and has for the last four decades while my father has pursued his announcing career.  In the eighties and nineties when my father was busy traveling with the SRO circuit and filming with ESPN, my mother was at home with three kids.  Though my mother may have sent my father out on the road, she has continually had her hand on my dad's shoulder in a support capacity to express her approval of his efforts.  My father's announcing career has helped to put all of us through school, including my moms Master's Degree in Education. 

In the years of my childhood, my mother had her favorite pulls that she would choose to take my siblings and I to including Charleston, West Virginia; Chapel Hill, Tennessee; Bowling Green, Ohio; and Owensboro, Kentucky.   Over the years as my brother and I desired to move closer to the track to truly get involved with the sport, my mom looked to move further away.  It wasn't her goal to not attend the pull but to change the confines in which she experienced it.  It has been my standing joke for years that my mother has been to more pulls than anyone without watching a vehicle hook to the sled.  Her routine to this day consists of packing the vehicle with snacks, magazines, and a blanket all while finding the biggest shade tree in the fairgrounds to park under.  While my father or I will be on the microphone announcing, mother will sit in the car to read her magazines cover to cover as well as listening to every word we say.

As the summer schedule continues to cycle for my dad as an announcer of the Pro Pulling League and NTPA, mom is still right by his side as they head down the road.  Her schedule still contains Chapel Hill, as she loves the Henry Horton State Park and the nature she can witness from her front porch all before sneaking in town for dinner at the Depot. Outside of the Marshall Putnam County Fairgrounds in Henry, Illinois is a Hallmark store that marks their calendar for the Saturday in July in which Donna Krieger will arrive to make her seasonal ornament purchases.  And in the village of Fort Recovery, Ohio and its surrounding community, the unique shops have definitely reaped the rewards of her being in town for some pulling action. 
In my entire life in pulling, I can only recall one time where my mother was frustrated at my dad, and in his defense, it wasn't his fault.  As my siblings got older and more involved, my mother would often have to stay home in order to help them meet the requirements of their schedule.  In the later part of the eighties, my dad took me to Brandenburg, Kentucky for the annual Meade County Fair.  Much to my dad's misfortune, mother nature opened up a down pour in the middle of the pull on this particular Friday night.  When it stopped raining around 9 o'clock, the officials decided the pull would go on, and they dug up the track to find the drain.  This process took forever, but to this day I remember the Meade County Fairgrounds draining like a toilet bowl.  To make a long story short, the pull ended around 2:30 am and my father I started on our way home.  This was before the era of cell phones and when we arrived at almost four in the morning, my mother was livid with my father for keeping her eight year old son out all night.  Needless to say about twelve hours later, my dad, mom and I were in the car on our way back for Saturday Night and one of those killer fish sandwiches that the Meade County Lions Club serves up. 

Though my mother may not possess the same dying passion for the sport that my father or I do, she possesses a passion for her family that is deeper than anything I have ever seen.  She values her time so much with her husband that she is willing to spend her entire weekend on the road at a pull, just so that she can spend the day or the later portion of the night with her loved one.  As I reflect on the support and love my mother has demonstrated toward my father over the years, I can't fathom how she could have been more supportive of my father and his goals as a pulling announcer.

This feature was put into place to highlight the strong supportive wives and ladies in this sport that continue to stand by their men without question and it goes with out saying that Donna Krieger falls into this category!