Thursday, January 12, 2012

Vendor Spotlight

CP Pistons Carrillo

The sport of truck and tractor continues to see the introduction of new and unique companies that are raising the bar for competition.  In 2011, CP Pistons found great success in the their first full year of working to develop a presence in the sport of pulling.  CP Pistons were used by Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League Champions Jeremy Nelson( Super Modified Two Wheel Drive ) and Terry Hagedorn (Pro Modified Four Wheel Drive).  Additionally CP also had pistons on the Champions Tour in the form of Jared Nelson and John Mumma's Super Modified Two Wheel Drive Trucks and has been working closely with former multiple time champion Jim Bosch.

In their first season the California based company which was started in 1998, was pleased to see such great results by competitors using their equipment and looks forward to even more growth with 2012. 

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