Nana's Corner

I have dedicated this page to my wonderful mother Donna Krieger!  I jokingly state when asked, that my mother holds the world record for attending the most tractor pulls without seeing a vehicle hook to the sled.  As a child she was the caretaker while we were on the road with my dad at pulls but now that we are grown she continues to travel with dad but chooses to sit in the car and read a book while the pull goes on.  I often turn to my mother for editing of the stories that I write and from time to time she will ask me a question about a term that I have used in a story.  Nana's Corner will be a weekly definition of a word or phrase that my mother needed clarification on and has asked for my explanation.  

Term 1-
To kick it all off we will highlight the phrase Cross Tracking-  Cross Tracking is an approach or strategy used by a puller where they place the sled on one side of the track and pull to the complete opposite corner in hopes of finding the most sufficient pulling surface!