Friday, September 10, 2010

Farm Show changes the bill on Saturday Afternoon!

The National Farm Machinery Show committee has pulled the plug on the Modified 4x4 Trucks and has introduced the Super Stock Diesel 4x4 Trucks to the docket of the famed indoor championship.  It has often been a debate on what classes should or shouldn't get the opportunity to showcase their talents and abilities in front of the capacity crowds in Louisville and regardless of what decision someone is always going to be unhappy. 

Do I believe the Modified 4x4 Trucks deserved a chance to pull at the NFMS?  Will sure I did but I also can vouch for the fact that when the class began, a large amount of the crowd left.  It is important for the committee to please their crowds and in this move they have chosen to introduce a new class to the action packed weekend.  My concern comes from the idea of finding enough Super Stock Diesel Trucks to fill the class.  I have been annoucing this summer and have yet to see more than 8 in a class, even at the Diesel Extravaganza in Terre Haute. I shall be an interesting winter of pulling and could change the shape of the NFMS for the coming years, as diesel fans continue to voice their opinions. 

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