Friday, June 1, 2012

Shell Rotella Burn Notice

There are many terms that are used throughout the Assumption Fire Department in which Craig Corzine volunteers his time, but one of the most talked about sayings over the last few months has been the phrase “Burn Notice”.  Though the phrase is not a term used in the day to day operations of the fire department it still appears to be on everyone’s mind.  “Burn Notice” has become famous over the last several years thanks to Jeffrey Donovan and the lovely Gabrielle Anwar who star in a highly successful series on the USA Network that features Donovan’s character as an agent.  It isn’t that the members of the Assumption Fire Department are talking about the show and their reflections of the weekly episodes but more they are excited to watch their fellow member Craig saddle up in a 2012 Chevy Colorado that dawns the name “Burn Notice”.  

Craig and his wife Ashley are no strangers to the pulling scene, as Craig has been a very valued member of the Koester Racing Team and Ashley of course has continued her efforts of broadcasting the NTPA covered shows on RFD TV.  Since Craig and Ashley took their vows, many pulling fans have been waiting for the moment when they would have their own pulling machine based in Assumption, Illinois and today marks the debut of their first step into pulling as a family.  “We have loved our time on the road with Ashley’s family and can’t wait to continue to run with them on some of the Grand National events, but we are so excited to be able to pull closer to home and support the ITPA as well” stated Craig.  

Photo Credit to Marty Wilson
Just as any project seems to come together, the last few weeks have been a true test of Craig’s patience as he had to take the time to button up all of the little monotonous pieces that accompany a 6200lb Super Modified Two Wheel Drive Truck, all while finishing his duties on the family farm.  With help and support from many of Craig’s friends and family, the “Burn Notice” made some noise for the first time yesterday and took a short tour of the parking lot at the Corzine’s home.  Having the vehicle fire and move, gave Craig approximately 24 hours to prepare himself for his debut attempt behind the wheel of his new toy, as tonight in Charleston, Illinois, the fans will be treated to a glimpse of the new truck in action at the Cornbelt Shrine Smoke ‘N’ Noise pull.  

Craig and Ashley did not cut any corners in their approach to developing a highly competitive truck, which features a Miner Brothers Racing Engine, (the very one that guided Craig’s brother-in-law Adam to the ring last year in Bowling Green in the Mini Modified class) and a brand new Jostock Chassis, which was custom fit for Craig in  Terry Jostock’s shop in Lapeer, Michigan and sponsorship support from Shell Rotella. "After years of watching Adam, Larry and Caesar work so hard to promote the Shell brand, I am honored to get a chance to fly the colors of such a remarkable company that has meant so much to our family and I can't wait to put my firesuit on for the first time in Charleston" stated Corzine.

Photo Credit to Marty Wilson
With the highly touted power plant and a winning chassis combination it is only a matter of time until this newly formed machine is turning heads on the state and Grand National level.  Knowing that he had the makings of a winning combination in his hands, Craig also made a phone call to Jeremy Nelson, a fellow class member and owner of Nelson Custom Paint and Body in Sidney, Illinois.  When it comes to Two Wheel Drive Trucks in Illinois, the majority of them have had the hands of Jeremy and his staff hard at work on them at one time or another.  That phone call allowed Jeremy, his staff, Craig, and airbrush mastermind Shawn Ealy to get to work on what would be the final look of the truck.  

Pulling fans may ask what exactly is a Burn Notice?   In truth Wikipedia defines it as: " A statement issued by an intelligence agency to other agencies."  It states that an asset or intelligence source is unreliable for one or more reasons.  This is essentially a directive for the recipient to disregard or burn all information derived from that individual or group.  However, in our small pulling circle we all know that a “Burn Notice” is an immaculate Chevy Colorado from Illinois! 

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