Saturday, May 19, 2012

Youngbuck Reveal

Have you ever found yourself sitting in the bleachers or standing in the pit area just lost in the beauty of Miles Stratton and Brad Moss’ Youngbuck?  I will never forget the first time I saw it in Owensboro, Kentucky.   The John Deere 7930 had such clean lines and an awesome appearance that I couldn’t stop looking at it and now that it has been out for years, I still find myself captivated by its distinct look.  Understand that I value the craftsmanship of every single pulling tractor and pulling machine in the sport and enjoy looking closely at the new details that pullers bring to the game.   I find myself from time to time reflecting on the professionalism and attention to detail that every puller seems to invest in their pulling equipment and it just blows my mind that a puller doesn’t forget the little things.  It was evident to me that Brad and Miles had not forgotten a detail with their first attempt of a pulling tractor.  

When B&M Motorsports first debuted the tractor in 2007, the immediate question that arose in my mind was:  "Where are the graphics?  Why is there no name on the side of the tractor?"   With a simple answer Brad Moss said: “Fans will know the name of the tractor and we prefer the clean look of it as it is”.  I was baffled as I couldn’t really recall a purely clear canvas and a tractor that did not have a logo, name, sponsor or anything on the shields.  In time the tractor has grown on me and many other folks who have come to know the distinct look of the Youngbuck.  

With great thought and a tremendous amount of preparation the B&M Motorsports Team  is prepared to re-introduce the pulling community to the new look of a fan favorite.  New for the 2012 season, Brad Moss and Miles Stratton have changed their tractor and it’s distinct look to dawn the name of TS Performance.  Both Moss and Stratton believe firmly in the product line of TS Performance and have cultivated a strong bond with the owners Dennis and Sheila Perry.  The relationship has been cultivated from the ground up with all parties sharing a simple bond in the love of diesel power and a desire to help grow the branding for TS.  After several years of conversing about sponsoring the Youngbuck, Dennis finally told the boys from Kentucky:  "We are going to do this", and the next steps were taken to get the TS Performance Youngbuck ready for its debut on the home turf of Franklin, Kentucky.  
Many folks may ask why they want to change that immaculate tractor and all I can say is change is a good thing.  In the sport where high volumes of capital are invested to go pulling, it is wonderful that teams are able to find a sponsorship to help them perform at the top of their game.  Secondly, if you know Brad Moss and Miles Stratton, you would understand that they simply would not change the tractor if they didn’t feel it was for the better.   With two of the keenest eyes in the game and undeniable attention to detail it is certain the boys from Schochoh, Kentucky are going to continue to turn heads with their John Deere 7930 Youngbuck.


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