Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lights Super Stocks at the NFMS!

The Light Super Stock class continues to grow in popularity on the National scene, as well as the regional and state level.  The 2010 NTPA Grand National Circuit truly showed that Esdon Lehn is the King of Smoke when he introduced a new light super (Redline Light) and scared all the Alky boys with his potent IH.  I had the distinct pleasure of watching Kevin Lynn pilot Redline Light in Brandenburg, Kentucky and my mouth dropped to the ground several times over the weekend when Kevin was hooked to the sled in competition.  What Esdon's tractor proved is that a smoker can still fight with the Alky boys, and with that I am wondering how many smokers may be added to the docket for Saturday Afternoon.  The 2011 season looks to be very exciting for the Light Super Stock Class, as the Pro Pulling League has announced they will run a Champions Tour points race next season.  I again changed my rubric/criteria slightly for the Light Super Stock portion of the NFMS!  Filling the class was no easy task as there are numerous competitors that earned the right but will unfortunately not receive an invitation. 

My rubric- Unedited!
1) Start with the Saturday Night Qualifiers
2) NTPA and Pro Pulling League Top 5 Competitors
3) Points winners from the : Outlaws, Badger State, Ohio State, BOB, ITPA
4) NTPA and Pro Pulling League Top 10 Finishers
5) Region Winners for NTPA/Pro Pulling League
6) Previous Years finish at NFMS
7)Champions Provisional
8)Points Champions from other state and regional pulling associations
9)High Points Finishers from the Outlaws, Badger State, Ohio State, ITPA, BOB

Criteria 1 (Typically I would take the finalists from Saturday Night, in this instance I took the top 5 and put them in the field)
1)Brian Korth Considered Armed and Dangerous
2)Kevin Lynn 504 Rocket
3)Team Red Thunder (Norby/Pichler/Schmidtknecht)
4)Larry Phillips Extremely Insane
5)Larry Phillips Insanity

Criteria 2 (NTPA Top 5 in Points)
6)Brian Korth MX210 NTPA Champion
7)Esdon Lehn Redline Light NTPA 2nd
8)Mark Peissig The Bomb NTPA 4th

Criteria 3 (Outlaw/Mid South Pullers/ ITPA)
9)Chuck/Cory Schlueter Barn Buddy Outlaws Champion
10)Kurt Kessler JD 4430 ITPA Champion
11)Kenneth Hale Nite Trouble Mid South Pullers Champion

Criteria 4 ( I altered this to taking the NTPA/PPL top 8, rather than top 10, since there is not PPL points race we move on to the next step )
12)Jason Irvin Drunkin Punkin NTPA 6th
13)Rex Kuhn Git R Done NTPA 8th

Criteria 5 (NTPA/PPL Region Winners )
14)Travis Morphet Diehard Diesel NTPA Region II Champion

Criteria 6 (The rest of my rubric is null with the exception of step 9 which is reserved for high points finishes from organizations like Outlaws, Mid South, ITPA, BOB, etc)
I made a decision for spot # 15, out of a large pool of tractors
15)Bob Barbee Stormy (Bowling Green Top 5)

I chose to put Bob Barbee in the field over several highly competitive tractors based on his performance against the Grand National Field at Bowling Green.

Others Competitors that I considered!
Jay Fuqua Tennessee Tracks (2nd Mid South Pullers)
Mike Wilhite Blue Blazes (A proven threat on the National Circuit)
Todd Maedge Monkey Mayhem (NTPA 10th in Points/ITPA State Fair Champion)
Glen Frese Red Ink (2nd Outlaws)
Justin Hoffman Red Power (3rd Outlaws)
Al Koch The Entertainer (A legend in the class)

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