Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NFMS Super Farm Predictions !

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Remaining true to my rubric, I followed along my steps almost identically as I have in previous years but I realized that it is not always going to be spot on accurate like I first believed.  In Criteria 4 of the Super Farm Class I maded a few amendments, and cut the PPL/NTPA Top 10 to 8.  In doing that it freed up three spots for me to look further, as Josh Miley PPL #10 was already a qualifer from Criteria 1.  Super Farm has alot more tractors to choose from than the Super Modified Two Wheel Drive Trucks as sanctioning bodies around the U.S. offer some form of Super Farm Class.  I chose to remain loyal to the larger sanctioning bodies for the bulk of the numbers based on the fact that last year PPL had 10 of the 30, while NTPA had 9 of the 30 when including their Regions. However, I did stick to my guns and provide a Champion from many sanctioning bodies a bid over a lower finishing competitor on a Grand National or Champions Tour Circuit.  Next class I will take a guess at is the Light Super Stock Tractor Class

Super Farm Class Predictions
Criteria 1
1)Wayne Lamoureux Fear the Deere
2)Ryan Salenbien Never Satisfied
3)Nick Skaar Screamin Norwegian
4)Darrin Hunt Dreamin Too
5)Justin Wagler Real Deere
6)Shawn Wildermuth The Replacement Deere
7)Mark Roberts Spankys Toy
8)Josh Miley High Maintenan$e
Criteria 2
9)Russell Counce Dixie Deere NTPA #1
10)Brown/Wells Green Reaper NTPA #4
11)Russ Freeze Deere Trax NTPA #5
12)Al Wright Runnin Red Hot PPL #1
13)Tom Gallitz Runnin in the Red PPL #2
14)Don Slama Fast and Furious PPL #4
15)Steve Kriedeman Pale Rider PPL #5
Criteria 3
16) Scott Holtgrew Deerestroyer Outlaws Champion
17)Randy Barreau Tool Time Badger State Champion
18)Brian/Don Rhoades Gamblin Man OSTPA Champion
19)Greg Lamb Black Viper BOB Champion
20)Larry Dean Never Enough Mid South Champion
21)Darren Pinkesh Rabble Rowser ITPA Champion
Criteria 4 (Changed Slightly- took top 8 finishers from PPL/NTPA)
22)Dean Wildermuth The Replacement Deere II NTPA #6
23)Jamie Morrow Yes Deere NTPA #7
24)Travis Wisel Irrational Behavior NTPA #8
26)John Kutz Diggin Deere PPL #6
27)Blain Fraker Agitator PPL #7
28)The Hartman’s International Addiction PPL #8
29) Dean Hollicky Big Green Tractor NTPA Region III Champion/Pullers of Minnesota Champion
30)Sietsema/Smits Wolverine Deere NTPA Region II Champion

Others in Contention
Tim Perry Road Gear Deere Pacific Tractor Puller’s Association Champion (Brother Jeff has been in the last several years) All the way from Hillmar, California
Harley Sietsema Wolverine Deere III Wolverine Pullers Champion
Adam Cox NTPA Region IV
David Pedley Wide Loose Deere NTPA Region V        
Taylor VanBeek Extreme Pleasure Outlaws Runner Up
Gerald Gerlach GForce Badger State Runner Up
Jerry Wisel Constant Conflict NTPA #9
Chad Darlage Showtime PPL #9

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