Thursday, November 3, 2011

Diesel Super Stock Trucks

After debuting last year at the NFMS, the Super Stock Diesel Trucks are back for a sophomore season at the hollowed grounds of Freedom Hall.  The first year proved to be a bit of a trying show for several of the competitors as they simply did not make the passes they hoped for.  Following the show many fans made their comments known of the length of time the class took and how the show truly suffered when the SSDT ran. 

I am glad that the committee gave these guys a second attempt as I have witnessed some highly competitive and exciting shows within the class this summer.  The one true downfall to the class is a simple lack of numbers, the committee truly cannot fill a 15 competitor class with true SSDT.  In 2011 the committee allowed a few competitors to jump up from the 3.0 ranks to run with the big guys, it wasn't a poor showing as the 3.0 guys got the wick lit and made a good showing!  Knowing the lack of numbers this class was a challenge but I did the best I could to decipher the guys I believe will make it the cut. 

I capped my field at 12 to follow suit with last year! 

Criteria One
NFMS Finalist- In this case I went with Top 6
1 Van Haisley Rock Hard Ram
2 Shane Kellogg Gotta Have It
3 Curt Haisley Off Constantly
4 Ben Miller Double Over Time
5 Wayne Greier Resurrected Ram
6 Carl Atley Lethal Weapon

Criteria Two
NTPA (No Grand National Points for SSDT)
Top Five  Region II
Van Haisley Already In
7 Kent Crowder  Scheid Diesel Dodge
8 Erik Stacey SmoknYa HD
Ben MillerAlready In
9 Cory Atley Agstremely Hooked

Criteria Two 
PPL (Midwest Region Points no Champions Tour)
Shane Kellogg Already In
Van Haisley Already In
Carl Atley Already In
Erik Stacey Already In
Kent Crowder Already In

Criteria Three 
Badger State/OSTPA/ITPA
10 Rod Tarr Super Ram
Shane Kellogg Already In

Criteria Four 
At Large 
11 Calvin Miller Runnin In the Red
12 Todd Gettelfinger Ripped Up Ram

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