Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pro Stock Tractors

The Pro Stock show last year at the NFMS couldn't have been much better with two of the sports legends battling one another in the pull-off.  I can't wait to see the 2012 event as I am certain that all three nights of competition will be packed to the gills with potent tractors.  Will David Justison last year's surprise winner of Wednesday Night find his winning ways again after a fantastic season in the state of Illinois?  Can the entire Tantrum Team recreate their storybook 2011?  Will Stuart Maize carry the momentum he had on the Champions Tour with him to Freedom Hall?  These are some of the story lines that I will be looking for in February.  With this list there are no real surprises or risks that I have taken but I am confident that the field will be fairly close to this!  

Criteria One 
NFMS Finalist 
1 Lance Little True Grit
2 Don Masterson Tinker Toy
3 David Justison Living the Legacy
4 Jeff Sapp Big Country
5 Brian Shramek Git Er Dun Deere
6 Troy Bader Forever Green
7 Randy Bader No Fear Deere
8 Tim Brinkmeier Fuelish Pleasure
9 Mark Lawyer Rapped Up
10 Chris Cain Ace's Wild
11 Dustin Hook T-Bone
12 Miles Stratton Young Buck

Criteria Two 
NTPA Top Five 
13 Danny/Kevin Schmucker Rampage
14 The Lemke's New Generation Plus
15 Carlton Cope Warpath
16 Ryan Walters Chasin Tail
17 Randy Campbell Soupline Express

Criteria Two 
PPL Top Five 
18 Stuart Maize Billet Binder
19 Mike Linder Linder Brothers
20 Tim Stone Rollin Stone
Rodney Schnitker Melt Down (Does not typically apply)
21 The Boersens Greenline Express II

Criteria Three 
Outlaws/ Badger State/ ITPA/ Mid South
22 Rick Behrendt Wampuscat 
Dustin Hook T-Bone
David Justison Already In with a tractor
23 Ken Couch Cotton Pickin Deere
24 Jeremy Smith 310 Express

Criteria Four 
NTPA 6-10 
25 Tim Cain Red Gambler
Brian Shramek Git Er Dun Deere
Chris Cain Aces Wild
26 Henry Smith Sneaky Snake
27  Rob Russell Workhorse

Criteria Four
PPL 6-10 
Dennis Schaubert The Hunted (Expecting him not to apply)
28 Kevin Masterson River Rat
Don Masterson Tinker Toy
29 The Boersen's Greenline Express
30 Bryce VanGenderen Geared Green

Criteria Five 
Regional Winners from NTPA/PPL 
31 Tim Overmyer Sandhill Binder Region II
32 Ed Orrell Hardcore Harvester

Criteria Six
NFMS Previous years finish 
33 Chance McGrath Last Chance 5th Friday Night
34  Dannie Kuhns Trailblazer 5th Wednesday Night

Criteria Seven
NFMS Champions Provisiona
35 Steve Wischmeier Barely Gettin By
36 Phillip Parish El Nino
37 Larry Shope Iron Dragon
38 Bill Miller Crusin Mule

Criterira Eight 
Regional Runner-Ups/Outlaws/Badger State/ ITPA/ Other Organizations Top Finishers 
39 Cody Yarick Gone
40 Blaine Stamm Stampede
41  Troy Schroedl Contents Under Pressure
42 Ray Link Gon Mokin
43 The Martins Think Green

Criteria Nine 
At Large 
44 The Martins John Deere Green
45 Nick McCormick Nasty Stuff

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