Friday, November 11, 2011

The Farm Show Predicitions Recap

The National Farm Machinery Show Committee released the selected competitors who have received an invitation to compete at the largest indoor pull in the world in February.  For the second year in a row, I posted my predictions of who would be selected when all was said and done.  I am pleased to say that even without knowing who applied, I achieved a 79% on who I chose versus who got in.  Now 79% could easily be improved upon in knowing for certain that eight of the competitors I selected did not even apply.  Those competitors who I have heard did not apply are: Adam Bauer, Bill Voreis, Ken Veney, Brian Shramek in the Modified Class, Al Wright and Tom Gallitz in the Super Farm Class and Mark Lawyer and Stuart Maize in Pro Stock.  If I would have known these competitors did not apply, I would have placed eight new competitors in their slots.  If the law of averages were to hold true, I would have gotten six or seven of those spot correct. 
Super Modified Two Wheel Drive- 26 of 30 or 86% (8 finalists)
Pro Stock Tractors- 35 of 45 or 77% (11 of 12 finalists-Tractor was sold)
Super Stock Open-14 of 15 or  93% (6 finalists)
Super Stock Diesel-12 of 15 or 80% (5 of 6 finalists- Note the tractor that did not make it, qualified last year after Jeff Demers could not come back)
Super Farm Tractors- 21 of 30 or70% (6 of 8 finalists) Not certain that they applied
Modified Tractors- 10 of 15 or 66% (Note this is the worst average that I had, but it also the class that I predicted many that did not apply.) [5 of 6 finalists- The late Jeff Gueningsman is the sixth]
Super Stock Diesel Trucks- 11 of 12 or 92%
Light Super Stock Tractors- 11 of 15 or 73% 
Total 140 of 177 or 79%

I am also very excited to see Jeremy Corria come to Louisville with his Lucas Oil sponsored Modified.  I have seen several videos of this tractor running on the west coast and look forward to watching it live in Louisville!  It is my plan to further study these classes and later post my thoughts and observations of the fields. 

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