Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lincolnton Saturday Night

The second night of Lincolnton is in the books!  The track was much more favorable this evening for the competitors of the Champions Tour and required a tremendous amount of power.   Below are the results from tonight’s competition.  My thoughts on the event will be posted early in the coming week.
1)Taking Care of Business Aaron  Hull 303.95
2)Bambi Duane Keener 300.53
3)Lesson’s Learned Neil Gettinger 299.35
4)XXX Frank Keener 295.16
5)Out of Time Aaron Hull 285.91
6)Fully Loaded Jeff Hothem 283.15
7)Runin Bare Jeff Hirt 281.99 

1)After Midnight John Mumma 307.79
2)MAV TV Keith Long 306.91 
3)Big Ed Red Donnie Sullivan 301.70
4)Midnight Madness Jordan Nelson 301.46
5)Midnight Gambler Jeremy Nelson 299.50
6)Lil Whip Donald Nelson 298.71
7)Ridin Dirty Keith Long 298.70
8)General Tire Cutting Edge Grayson Shelton 295.76
9)Gamblin After Dark Mark Austin 295.62
10)Midnight Revenger Jared Nelson 295.29
11)Full Throttle Lisa Tatum 292.90
12)Stimulus Package Chris Smith 292.18
13)Parts City Tony Tatum 290.99
14)Driller Tim Messer 285.38 

1)Takes A Lickin Steve Bunnage 317.43
2)75th Edition Joe Eder 313.08
3)Mr. Twister Scott Tedder 305.15
4)Mav TV/Lucas Oil Ricky Long 298.99
5)Shannon Leischner 298.16
6)Shel-Shocked Stan Shelton 293.67
7)Down and Dirty Michael Stewart 287.92
8)The Apache Darrick Barga 282.92
9)DirtChallenger Shannon Leischner 281.68
10)Texas Bullwhip Donald Nelson 272.17
11)The Judge Ron Barga Jr. 266.25
12)The Kentuckian Wayne Sullivan 216.16

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