Tuesday, May 15, 2012

TS Performance Weekend

Those who follow truck and tractor pulling have certainly noticed that with each passing year, diesel pulling classes are growing exponentially.  As interest in the sport continues to grow so too does the pursuit for more power and efficiency under the hood within the diesel engine.  Another big change for pulling in the last decade has been the introduction of the diesel weekend, an action packed showcase of power and performance among the most knowledgeable diesel minds in the country.  This weekend in Franklin, Kentucky, a meeting of the diesel minds will take place at the TS Performance Show. 
What is TS Performance you might ask?   It is one of the most up and coming companies in the country thanks to its attention to detail and ability to improve upon fuel economy and power for diesel engines.  TS Performance was started in 1997 by Dennis and Sheila Perry and is located in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  What began as a personal challenge for Dennis to help a few friends find more power has grown into something beyond the Perry’s imagination.  From its inception, the Perry’s have understood the importance of giving back to the community in which they are so involved, and thus, they started the TS Performance weekend.  

The weekend began with diesel drag racing and a bikini competition but has continually grown and expanded with the brand.  Each year the customer’s of TS Performance encourage the Perry’s and their staff to raise the bar yet again, not just to showcase their power to their customers but also their commitment to giving back.  With that in mind, the Sled Pull was added several years ago  to make the schedule even more exciting for the diesel fanatics.  With a full list of classes contested, pulling action goes on for the better portion of Saturday with the 2.6 trucks vying for valuable qualifying positions in Saturday Night’s finals.   The Saturday Night session will feature the Pro Stock Tractors, Super Farm Tractors, Super Stock Diesel Trucks, Pro Street Diesel Trucks, 2.6 Diesel Trucks, and a little bit of noise thanks to the Super Modified Two Wheel Drive Trucks.  The classes will be sanctioned by the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League and will serve as the inaugural event for the 2012 Midwest Region.
Having known very little about TS Performance, I was excited when the idea came up about a feature to highlight the weekend of action in Franklin.  Before I could gather all of the necessary information I wanted in order to fully write a story, I was treated to a firsthand experience of the power of a TS Performance application.  Over the weekend, I traveled to Lincolnton, North Carolina for the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League Champions Tour event and rather than travel south by myself, I caught a lift with Jared and Bethany Nelson of Altamont, Illinois.  As we traveled through the Smokey Mountains and later the Gorge, I remember asking Jared what he had done to improve the power of his Peterbilt.  The simple answer was a new TS Peformance box and the proof of its power was evident as we left every other semi in the dust as we traveled through the mountains.  I found it to be so fitting that I would be able to give a personal testimonial of the raw power and improvements that it made to the pace at which the Nelson’s Peterbilt could travel.  However, what impressed Jared the most was not its power but efficiency with fuel mileage over the more than one thousand miles traveled. 
Photo Credit John Kraust
If you are free this weekend and are looking for a way to express your love for pulling and diesel smoke, look no further than the TS Performance Weekend.  Spend the day on Friday at historic Beech Dragway, where if history repeats itself records are sure to fall.  Wake up Saturday morning with a tour of the Vendor Alley to learn more about the products that exist to allow your diesel engine to run happy.  After the Vendor Alley, show your power and compare it to others on the Dyno.   Conclude your morning with a visit to the Show N Shine and a picture with the “Fuel Girls.”  At 11:00, the qualifying will start on the pulling track for the 2.6 trucks, and if all goes well, you should be able to make your way to the Bikini competition on the stage at 3:00.  At 6:00, the smoke will be flying as the pulling will begin and all six classes will be vying for bragging rights as the 2012 winner of the TS Performance Pull.
For more information on TS Performance and the weekend’s festivities, please visit www.tsperformance.com.  The question has been asked what will TS do to raise the bar in 2012 and only those in attendance will be able to find out! 

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