Friday, October 28, 2011

Diesel Super Stock Tractors

There really isn't a whole lot of change from one year to the next with this class!  Brian Shramek has continued his dominance in the category with his Young Blood Agco DT225, but in 2011 a new face moved up in the ranks in the form of Jody Ross and the Resurrected Redneck.  The Resurrected Redneck is a unique piece as well as it is a McCormick competing in the Diesel Super Stock class.  I look forward to the 2012 NFMS to see if Brandon Hunt can continue living his dream as he debuted his Case Mx340 in Freedom Hall last year!  Brandon will also be debuting a new Case in 2012, that in the form of his son that was born just a few weeks ago.  I am also very hopeful that the King of Smoke will choose to apply to Louisville again in 2012, after a one year hiatus.  The class needs Esdon and so too does the NFMS in my opinion! 

Based on Criteria One, I gave seven tractors spots from the 2011 Finalists position.  Jeff Demers was a qualifier but did some catastrophic damage to the John Deere in the pulloff and was unable to compete on Saturday Nights Finals Session.  Because he earned the spot in qualifying, I gave him the nod for Criteria One.  

Criteria One
2011 Finalists
1 Brandon Hunt Livin A Dream
2 Brian Shramek Young Blood
3 Matt Goodwin Intimidator
4 Steve Burge Lock N Load
5 The Blagrave's Red Horse
6 Mark Ulmer Lost
7 Jeff Demers Smokin' Hot Deere

Criteria Two 
NTPA Points Top Five 
Brian Shramek Already In
8 Jody Ross Resurrected Redneck
Steve Burge Already In
The Blagraves Already In
9 Esdon Lehn Redline Fever

Criteria Three 
Outlaws Champion 
Matt Goodwin Already In

Criteria Four 
NTPA Points Top Ten 
10 Hans Boxler Jr. The Special
11 Mike Beck High Tech Redneck
12 Adam Harris Southern Express
13 John Raymond Smoke & Mirrors
14 Jim Schaendorf Radical Red

Criteria Five 
15 Henry Everman Final Decision

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