Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Light Super Stock NFMS

Last year the Light Super Stock class put on a solid show at the NFMS, but in my opinion not having Mark Peissig, Kevin Lynn and Esdon Lehn truly hurt the class!  I am guessing that they will opt to follow last years trend and not apply for the 2012 NFMS Show, with that said my guesses are almost a reflection of the 2011 show.  I have also wondered if the committee would let diesel tractors and alcohol tractors compete in the same class, my belief is they will leave the diesels out and thus David Esteb is not accepted.  I am not sure that all of these competitors will apply for the show but this is my best guess!

Criteria Two
NTPA Top Five
1 Brian Korth Excessive Force
2 Marcus Wettleson Gunpowder and Lead
3 Larry Phillips Extremely Insane
4 Brian Korth Considered Armed and Dangerous
Esdon Lehn (No Application)

Criteria Two
PPL Top Five
5 Todd Maedge Monkey Mayhem
6 Mike Wilhite Blue Blazes
7 Brent Payne Color of Money
David Esteb (Diesel Tractor, not accepted)
8 Mike Sandefur Farmboys Fantasy

At Large Selections
9 Mike Happe Red Menace
10 Rex Kuhn Git R Done
11 Bob Barbee Stormy
12 Jay Fuqua Tennessee Tracks
13 Monica Shaw Beauty and the Beast
14 John Hoffman International 5488
15 Robert Paulson Blue Can Fever

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