Thursday, October 27, 2011

Unlimited Super Stock

The Unlimited Super Stock Class seems to truly have been on a down slide over the last few years, with numbers seeming to be much lower on both National circuits.  In 2011, Terry Blackbourn and Chizek Team revolutionized the class with a de-cubed 903 Cummins V-8. As a person who got to witness this unbelievable pulling combination firsthand at America's Pull in Henry, Illinois and Tomah, Wisconsin, I am confident that the Unlimited Super Stock class just bought a few more years with this invention.  It is rumored that several very prominent competitors in this class have made the call to Wisconsin to have Mr. Blackbourn work their magic for their engine configuration.

I did my best to work through the class for my 2012 predictions and it looks very similar to last years with the exception of two new competitors.  With that said, I am truly excited about the option of inviting two European Competitors to the Bluegrass State to showcase their potent pulling combinations!

Criteria One 
Finalist from 2011

1Frank Keener XXX 
2Jordan Lustik Silver Bullet 
3John Evans Big Toy II 
4Terry Blackbourn Extremely Armed and Dangerous 
5Tim Howell Ryan's Toy 
6Terry Blackbourn International Threat

Criteria Two 
NTPA Top Five 
Jordan Lustik Silver Bullet Already In 
Terry Blackbourn International Threat Already In 
7 Earl Wells Galot 
Josh Blackbourn Extremely Armed and Dangerous 
8 Sid Broughton Desperado 

Criteria Two 
PPL Top Five 
9 Jeff Hirt Runin Bare 
Frank Keener XXX Already In 
10 Larry Roberts Big Toy
John Evans Big Toy II 
Tim Howell Ryans Toy

Criteria Three 
Outlaws Points Winner
Robert Polson was the Points Champion, I have him in the Light Super Stock Field but it may be vice versa.  

Criteria Four 
NTPA/PPL Top Ten + (At Large) 
11 Aaron Hull Prison City Pulloff 
12 Neil Gettinger Lessons Learned 
13 Kevin Campbell Controlled Chaos 
14 Mike Novinger Dominator Deere 
15 D'n Aerdvruter from The Netherlands 
16 Zeinstra New Born Deere

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