Monday, October 24, 2011

National Farm Machinery Show Two Wheel Drive guesses!

It is hard for me to believe that it is that time of year again!  In the next few weeks the National Farm Machinery Show selections will be sent out from the committee and planning for the shows will be finalized!   As a side project over the last few years, I have done the best I can to research the fields to get some form of an idea as to who may be accepted.  I developed who I refer to as my Rubric for the process in which the committee may follow to make the tough decisions of who to keep and who to possibly decline.  This year from the beginning I have found a bunch of hard decisions that have made me realize that there is no real finite methodology to make these decisions.  I have added the option of an At Large Selection, that is for someone I simply can't see not being selected by the committee do to their pulling reputation, although the seasons results may not be indicative of a selection! I also did not select three trucks for the Petro's as they only have two drivers, but I did add all three trucks from the Long's stables as they have added Brad Moss to their driving force!   

Criteria 1
NFMS Finalist
2011 Finalists
1 Ricky Long Willy Makit
2 Randy Petro Kathy's Complaint
3 Jeff Writsel At it Again
4 Jared Nelson Midnight Revenger
5 Bill Oberste Missouri Gambler
6 John Mumma After Midnight
7 Lisa Tatum Hardin Full Throttle
8 Jeremy Nelson  Midnight Gambler

Criteria 2
2011 NTPA Top Five
Randy Petro Already In
9 Jessie Petro 2 Timin
Jessie Petro (Not in the multiple truck one driver block)
10 Doug Theobald Wicked
11 Chuck Knapp Back Forty

Criteria 2
Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League
Jeremy Nelson Already In
12 Brad Moss Ridin Dirty
13 Jordan Nelson Midnight Madness
14 Mark Austin Gamblin After Dark
15 Don Nelson  Lil Whip

Criteria 3
 Outlaw Points Champion/OSTPA/ITPA/Badger State/BOB/
16 Tim Fitzsimmons Country Heat Outlaws
17 Ryan Writsel Lucky Styke OSTPA
 Jeremy Nelson ITPA Already In

Criteria 4 

NTPA Top Ten Points
18 Jeff Bartley Lumberjack
19 Kyloe Knapp Eighty Acres
20 Renee Theobald Pretty Wicked
21 Will Beeler Just Forgiven
22 Oz Hay Nitroholic

Criteria 4
Pro Pulling League
Jared Nelson Already In
23 Keith Long MavTV
John Mumma Already In
Ricky Long Already In 
24 Tony Tatum  Parts City

Criteria 5
NTPA Region Winners/ PPL Region/ At Large Selections 
25 John Gott Region IV Winner, successful at BG!
26 Adrian Hunter (Unable to attend last year after weather issues)  
27 Donnie Sullivan Hansel Sullivan Memorial- At Large Selection                
28 Wayne Sullivan Big Ed Red- At Large Selection
29 Stan Shelton General Tire- At Large Selection 
30 Will Teasley Bad Boy- At Large Selection

Robert and Cole Zajicek- Cole made a strong impression last year in his debut as the option puller putting his truck in the sand, only to have a sled reset! 
Marty Clock- Regional Champ
AJ Reidl- Regional Champ
Andy Teasley 

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