Tuesday, October 25, 2011

National Farm Machinery Show Super Farm

Wow!  This class is hands down the most difficult for me to choose for the the Farm Show.  In total I had around 45 tractors that I hoped to fit in 31 spots.  To break ties or make a final decision, I looked at the entire body of work for the season.  Everyone tractor could make a case to be accepted and for that, I am expecting that my list is far from perfect.  I also chose to not put NTPA Grand National Champion Ryan Salenbien in.  Ryan was incredibly dominant over the summer on his debut season with the Grand National circuit, however he was Disqualified last year and thus I feel he will not be added to the list of competitors.  

Criteria One NFMS Finalist
2011 Finalists
1 Shawn Wildermuth Replacement Deere
2 Rodney Davidson Red Iron
3 John Kutz Diggin Deere
4 Norm Kavan Magnum Force
5 Blain Fraker Agitator
6 Larry Sheets Jr. Red Rider
7 James Slama Fast and Furious
8 Rodney Deck Dream on 

Criteria Two 
2011 NTPA Top Five

Shawn Wildermuth Already In
9 David Pedley Pulling Wide Loose Deere
10 Darrin Hunt Dreamin Too
11 Ted Liechty Rush Hour

Criteria Two 
Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League
John Kutz Already In
12 Bradley/Quinton Hartman International Addiction
13 Al Wright Runnin Red Hot
Blain Fraker Already In
14 Justin Wagler Real Deere

 Criteria Three
 Outlaw Points/OSTPA/ITPA/Badger State-Champions
15 Chad Weitzenkamp Someday Outlaws
16 Jim/Brian Barman Badger State
17Jared Bradley Tennessee Red  Mid South Pullers 

Criteria Four
NTPA Top Ten Points
18 Larry Dean Never Enough
19 Russ Freeze Deere Traxx
20 Russel Counce Dixie Deere
21 Travis Wisel Irrational Behavior
22 Wayne Lamoureux Fear the Deere 

Criteria Four 
Pro Pulling League Top Ten
23 Chad Darlage Showtime
24 Tom Gallitz Runnin in the Red
25 Nick Skaar Screamin Norwegian 

Criteria Five 
At Large/Regional Champions
26 Scott Holtgrew Deerestroyer
27 Clay Darnell Maximum Overdrive
28 Josh Miley High Maintenance
29 Julia Conny Mac Daddy
30 John Pitt Ragin Bull
31 Harley Siestma Wolverine Deere III 

Notables that just missed
Barrett Flowe Pay Dirt
Roger Liermann Running on Red
Leon Hellebusch No Mercy
Taylor Van Beek Extreme Pleasure
Mike Conny Mr. Mac Daddy
David Batliner Superhick
John Pitt Raging Bull
Mowrey's Deal N Deere
Mowrey's Auction Express 
Dean Hollicky Big Green Tractor 
Brown/Wells Green Reaper 
Bob Siestma Wolverine Deere II 

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